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The Sweet Smell Of Success — Lawrence North Hoopster “Stink” Robinson Raising Recruiting Stock

Major DI colleges are finally taking notice of Lawrence North junior point guard Azavier “Stink” Robinson as he winds down his AAU season with the George Hill All-Indy club.

This kid’s recruiting stock is on fire, like a rocket ship to the moon.

The Big Ten is in the mix now, Illinois offered this week. The Pac12’s Arizona State offered too. Before that, Notre Dame, Temple, TCU, St. John’s and Oklahoma State dropped offers at his doorstep. All since the spring.

He’s bulldog tough and silky smooth leading the fastbreak. His in-your-shorts defense sets him apart from more one-dimensional marquee floor generals.

Last week, Robinson led his G3 All-Indy squad to the 17-U title of the prestigious NY2LA AAU circuit. As a sophomore at Lawrence North, he tickled the twine for 20 points, 5 assists and 2 steals per game. He exhibits cat-like quickness out of the backcourt and is a killer in the open floor. Scouting services rate him a borderline 4-star prospect right now, with full-fledged 4-star status certainly coming down the pike very soon. Robinson has a chance to be one of the premier Circle City playmakers of the 21st Century these next couple years, so buckle in, baby!

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