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Metro Detroit Summer Boys Basketball Combo Guard Power Rankings — July ’23

1 Jordan Sigmon (Detroit Renaissance 6-2 Soph.)— Be afraid, be very afraid, this dynamic PSL playmaker is just getting started lighting the D on fire with his talent


2 Phoenix Glassner (Warren De La Salle 6-1 Jr.) — The ultimate competitor and primetime stud, efficiency, intelligence and athleticism by the truck load


3 Geon Hutchins (Oak Park 6-3 Jr.)— The best college prospect out of the backcourt in the D that you don’t know about yet, but need to ASAP


4 Moses Blackwell (Warren Lincoln 6-0 Jr.)— Thunder and Lightning Special baseline to baseline in every way


5 Markus Blackwell (Warren Lincoln 6-2 Jr.) — Does it all and does it so well, unselfish and dripping with finesse at the same time


6 Carlos Medlock, Jr. (Wayne Memorial 6-0 Soph.) — Nails tough, jackrabbit quick, definition of a finisher


7 Wade Robinson (Pontiac Notre Dame Prep 6-0 Sr.)— Pound for pound the top prospect value wise at his position in the area


8 Isaiah “Zip” Hines (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 5-10 Jr.) — Thrill-a-second threat on both sides of the court


9 Derrick Kilgore (Detroit Old Redford 6-1, Soph.)— 24K magic in the making, won’t be overlooked too much long

10 Uche Ammene (Detroit Catholic Central 6-2 Sr.)– Smooth, versatile and fundamentally sound

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