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Five For Fighting — Fire Starters In Fifeland (C-Town Baller Roll Call)

FIVE FOR FIGHTING — The Top 5 Dan Fife Clarkston Hoopsters (1983-2018)
1 Foster Loyer (Class of 2018) — One of the greatest floor generals and lead guards in state history, brought C-Town to the promised land
2 Dane Fife (Class of 1998) — Did it all and made it look easy, toughness, intelligence and timeliness personified baseline to baseline
3 Dugan Fife (Class of 1992) — Primetime performer in every sense, left scorched earth in his wake every time he walked off the court
4 Eddie Whitaker (Class of 1986) — The OG Fife hoop star, the elite lineage of Fife-era gunners all started with “Fast Eddie”
5 Brandon Pokley (Class of 2009) — Captained the first Fife final four squad and might be the most clutch pure shooter in C-Town history

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