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West Bloomfield QB Trishton Jackson commits to Michigan State, will play WR for Spartans

Football   | Jeff Dullack

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West Bloomfield – Michigan State was the offer Trishton Jackson was waiting for.

So when the Spartans offered the West Bloomfield star football player, he wasted little time to give his commitment to Michigan State.

Offered by Michigan State on Wednesday, Jackson took the time to talk things over with his parents and West Bloomfield coach Ron Bellamy, and made it official on Thursday morning, announcing his commitment on Twitter Thursday morning.

Jackson said that the Michigan State offer was indeed the offer had had been waiting to receive and added that the culture in East Lansing is what sold him on the Spartans.

“I always wanted to be a part of the Spartan family, so yeah, I was waiting for this offer,” said Jackson.

“I think it was how they treat you, they treat you like a part of the family,” he said. “How their program is as a team and their school. It had all the pieces to the puzzle for what I need in life.”
Jackson, the starting quarterback for the Lakers, will make the move to play wide receiver when he gets to Michigan State next year.

The senior-to-be said that as far as his future as a wide receiver goes, he just wants to make sure that he keeps improving at the position and will take any advice he can find from those with experience at the position.

“I’m just looking to keep progressing as I go,” he said. “Keep learning new things and take tips from anyone I come across that can help and as a receiver, get the fundamentals down.”

Bellamy, who played wide receiver at Michigan from 1999-2002, said that he believes Jackson’s transition from quarterback to wide receiver will be something that Jackson will be able to handle because of his athleticism.

“In football, in my opinion if you’re a natural athlete, the easiest position to transition to is wide receiver as long as you can catch the ball,” he said. “So I think his transition will be a smooth one.”
Bellamy added that he believes what helps make Michigan State a fit for Jackson is the fact that the Spartans have had success with developing players over the years as well has helping players transition into new positions.

“100 percent confident, they’ve proven it,” he said. “They have an amazing staff there, they’ve done some great things, there. Coach Dantonio talks about results and you don’t get results without development. All of the accolades they have, it was easy for me to give Trishton my blessing on going to State because of how well they develop players.”

Jackson has some limited experience as a wide receiver as he returned from injury in his sophomore season and while he didn’t return as the starting quarterback, he stepped in as a receiver where he made 30 catches and scored nine touchdowns for West Bloomfield.

Jackson is also a standout basketball player for West Bloomfield and had a handful of offers on the hardwood, but Bellamy said that in January, Jackson approached him and spoke about turning his focus to football and the wide receiver position, and the two have worked on Jackson improving at wide receiver since then.

“We’ve been prepping for camps since January, since he told me he didn’t want to focus on basketball, but he wanted to play football,” he said. ‘He told me he wanted to focus on playing receiver in college and I told him that we’d have to polish him at wide receiver. He was going to the gym three times per week to work and you can tell he was making progress.”

Jackson is rated as a 4-star wide receiver according to after impressive showings at offseason camps.

Jackson is the 19th commitment for Michigan State in the Class of 2016.

“It’s very exciting,” Jackson said of joining a Michigan State recruiting class that is being referred to by current commits as ‘Dream Team ’16.’ “We’re a bunch of go-getters, we see it and we want to go get it. We see Big 10 championship banners at Michigan State and we work hard to try and keep that going. That’s what all of us are trying to do.”

Heading into his senior year, Jackson said he hopes to play both quarterback and wide receiver for West Bloomfield, but Bellamy said it will depend on the development of younger players to see where Jackson will play for the Lakers as a senior.