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Kickin It with Cashman: Howell's Zeb Garza Gets Muddy

   | Shelby Cashman

State Champs! Sports Network

Hey State Champs Nation! I have recently started a new web series called Kickin It With Cashman, which can be seen here on our website, and also on our YouTube page.  Each week, I am going to “kick it” with one player from a game we are covering on our show. I want all of our viewers to get to know a little bit more about the athletes we see. We will cover everything from how they got into the sport, what they plan to do with the future all the way to movies, music, hobbies and so much more! No topic is off limits…ok, well, maybe MOST topics are not off limits. Please feel free to email me at if you think you or one of your teammates would be perfect to “kick it” with!

For the inaugural webisode of Kickin It With Cashman, I caught up with one of Howell’s standout athletes, Zeb Garza. When I met Zeb, he had just finished a tough rugby match against Northville, where he lead his team to victory. As I was standing on the sidelines watching this match, I asked around the crowd as to who they thought would be a good person to “kick it” with. Without hesitation, the spectators told me Zeb was the man. Now, with all the rain we have had recently, the field was an absolute MUDBATH! That did not stop Zeb and his team from getting down and dirty, as only rugby players can. Let’s learn a little bit more about this multi-sport athlete from Howell.