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FOOTBALL: Rising junior wide receiver Donnie Corley Jr. to play at Detroit King this fall

Football   | Branden Hunter

FOOTBALL: Rising junior wide receiver Donnie Corley Jr. to play at Detroit King this fall

DETROIT - If you missed the Division 2 state regional final game between Detroit King, and Wyandotte Roosevelt last season, you missed a dandy. In an ending that Steven Speilberg must have written, Wyandotte had the ball on the King 6-yard line, on fourth down, with a 36 seconds remaining. King won that battle, and the game, 6-0.

Then sophomore wide receiver Donnie Corley Jr., was on the losing side of things, and although he didn't have a big game statistically, he proved that he belonged, against one of the best defensive backs in the state, Jalen Embry. Iowa is where Embry calls home now, wearing the black and gold of the Hawkeyes, and Corley will wear black and gold at King this fall.

"I didn't really want to move, but my parents and I moved," Corley said. "So getting back and forth would have been very hard."

The Corley family actually stayed in Southgate, which is just literally seven minutes away from Wyandotte in the Downriver area. Corley's older sister, Amani (CMU), played basketball for Southgate Anderson, so the family wanted to wait until she finished her career out there, before relocating to the Downtown Detroit area. The move was hard for Donnie, and he's going to miss his old home, but it made more sense. Instead of trekking back and forth 18 miles to Wyandotte everyday, why not play in the city?

"Honestly, it was hard, because I had built a lot of friendships with a lot of my teammates, and coaches," he said. "It was a great experience at Wyandotte. They have wonderful coaches, and an excellent football program.

"I want to thank them for everything they taught me, and I'm going to miss them, especially my quarterback Donovan Stewart. I wish them all  good luck on the season, and in the future."

Corley's quarterback will be Mikale Washington now at King, at 6-4 rising junior, and the two have the potential to be a dynamic duo the next two years. The Crusaders were already one of the top teams in the city, and in the state, and the addition of Corley only boosts their level of talent on both sides of the ball. He admitted that it was kind of weird switching over to the team that ended his sophomore season, but that's in the past now.

"Last season's game was a great one," Corley said of the regional final game. "They know that they got away with one, but now I'm with them. I'm expecting a very competitive, and hardworking team this season at King."

At 6-2, 180-pounds, Corley has become arguably the top wide receiver prospect in the junior class in Michigan. He has college scholarship offers from six schools, and Michigan, and Michigan State are recruited him hard as well. He'll have two more years before he makes his college decision, and got some early practice with that, deciding on which high school to attend.

"I liked Cass Tech's academics, and football programs, and I like King's also," he said. "But at the end of the day, I thought King as a whole was best for me.

"One thing I like about King is their MSAT program."

MSAT is the Mathematics, Science and Technology program at King, which is offered to the schools most brightest students. He said he might also play basketball at King, but wasn't sure yet, after playing for Roosevelt's varsity team last season. 

King's football team opens its season against Port Huron on August 29, and Corley is eligible to play right away, since he lives in their district now. The Detroit Public School League is known for its tough players, and competition, but Corley isn't concerned about having to adjust to his new league.

"I honestly am not expecting for the competition to be better," he said. "Because I believe the Downriver area gets a bad rep, and I believe that they have just as much talent as any other division."