East Grand Rapids siblings overcome disabilities and compete in varsity sports

Multi-Sport   | Scott Burnstein

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East Grand Rapids – The odds don’t faze siblings Brendan and Madison Micho. The pair of student athletes from East Grand Rapids High School have been overcoming the odds their whole lives.

Brendan, a senior football and hockey player, and Madison, a junior girls basketball and girls lacrosse player, were born deaf. Both are able to hear through cochlear implants, surgically implanted electronic devices that create a sense of sound for the hearing impaired. When Madison received her implants at only 13vmonths old she became the youngest patient to ever undergo the procedure at the renowned University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor (Brendan’s procedure was performed at 18 months).

Their hearing isn’t great. They face an uphill battle every day to hear the intricacies of sound that most people take for granted. But they achieve and they live life despite the physical hurdles.

“Those two are unbelievable,