Boys hockey tournament begins Monday and Sean Baligian makes his bold predictions, and suggestions

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Ready or not here are Sean Baligian’s not-so-fearless predictions for the 41st state hockey tournament.


The depth and caliber of high school hockey is no longer a secret. That’s why embarking on a prediction piece such as this is incredibly daunting. The quality of the players and teams, and the number of quality teams, is at an all-time high as everybody across the state begins a journey that they hope ends in Plymouth at Compuware Arena for the tournament semifinals and finals March 12-14.


The amount of teams capable of navigating the dangerous icy waters of pre-regionals and regional finals is large, and that is great for the game that we’ve come to appreciate at this level. 


With those truths being stated, perhaps it is time for the Michigan High School Athletic Association and coaches to think about seeding, whether it be at the regional or quarterfinal level.


It is understood that it would be difficult to ask a team to travel many hours for a pre-regional or even regional final, but a common sense approach, and modification of the various rankings used throughout the state could figure that out. The question is: Do we want to see the best teams earn their way to Compuware, or the best teams based on regions earn their way? That is a question the MHSAA and the coaches must ask themselves, and embark on a course to discuss, as this game