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Burney's Football Rankings - Coming Around The Bend In '16

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Burney’s Top 10 – Week 5
1 Detroit Catholic Central (4-0) – I stand by my top choice…..ShamrockNation is strong like the Force in Star Wars…….(and Cam Ryan equals Luke Skywalker)
2 Detroit Cass Tech (4-0) – CHURNING & BURNING.....any questions?
3 Utica Ike (4-0) – I like IKE….get it?
4 Detroit King (4-0) – A bunch of THER-A-FLU Specials this crew of Crusaders are……just total sickness all over the field
5 Walled Lake Western (4-0) – Johnny Football is in the building!!.......’NUFF SAID!!
6 Muskegon (3-1) – So fresh, so clean the rap super-duo Outkast is jealous
7 Saline (4-0) – Styling and profiling, purring like a classic muscle racing down the highway
8 Lowell (4-0) – Simply off the chain, balling out of control….please take note!!
9 (tie) Grandville (4-0) – These Friday Night NASTYS are having a grand ole time on the gridiron these days
9 (tie) Davison (4-0) – Team Zimm & Tariq Reid are taking the Saginaw Valley by storm this fall
10 Orchard Lake St. Mary’s (2-2) – The LAKE is gearing into SHAKE&BAKE MODE right about now, be afraid, be very afraid!!!