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Burney's Boys Basketball Rankings - Piloting Past The Halfway Mark

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Burney’s Power 10 - Mid Winter Madness
1. Clarkston (10-0) – Drenched in swagger for ‘17
2. Detroit U-D Jesuit (8-2) – The Cubs are really starting to growl
3. Grand Rapids Christian (8-0) – Junior floor general, Duane Washington is a Ther-A-Flu Special, straight sickness out of the backcourt
4. Detroit East English Village (9-1) – The ‘Ville is ILL….’Nuff Said!!
5. East Lansing (8-0) – East is a BEAST (again) this winter!!
6. Kalamazoo Central (9-1) – So much sweetness on the court for K-Central these days they should consider renaming their home floor the Sugar Factory
7. Muskegon (10-0) – Motoring towards possible greatness
8. River Rouge (11-0) – Going surgical on the comp, aka cutting up the hardwood like a bunch of human switchblades
9. Macomb Dakota (9-3) – Finally healthy, shaking and baking, bobbing and weaving, moving and grooving….any questions?
10. Saginaw (8-2) – The High is ALWAYS hoop heaven in Burney’s book