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State Champs! Can Help your Company Reach it's Target Audience across TV, Radio, Web and Social Media!


Multi-Media Advertising Campaigns and Programs

State Champs offers various mutli-media advertising programs that provide exposure to millions of TV viewers, sports radio listeners and thousands of social media followers.  Within The High School Sports Show! companies can select packages that include the show sponsoring/opening, sponsorship of one of the primary Weekly “in-show” features (such as “The Main Event!”), sponsorship of sports/awards/contests, or spot advertising throughout the show.

We can work directly with your marketing representatives to review advertising options and tailor the best package to maximize your company’s exposure through State Champs various multi-media channels.

Advertising and sponsorship channels include:

  • 30 and 60 minute TV spots (High School Sports Show! as well as Feature Sports Shows such as “Legends”)
  • 30 and 60 minute Sports Radio spots (fall and winter/spring)
  • Sponsorship programs that provide multiple spots and on air features – such as show openings and key weekly “in-show” features such as “The Main Event”
  • Sponsored Sports and Achievement Awards – sponsor of State Champs! Athlete and Scholar awards and contests that are covered across TV, Radio, web and social media, including having company representatives present the final award on TV!
  • Web site banner, sidebar and skyscraper/widebar advertising including flash/rotating ads, click through and video advertising

Sponsored Contests and Promotions

State Champs! partners with many companies in hosting custom promotions and sponsored Sports contests and awards that are promoted across TV, Radio, web and social media. Our state-wide sports awards/contests, such as our MetroPCS Mr. Football contest and Warrior Sports Mr. Hockey contest - can expose a company’s products or services to millions of viewers/listeners and allows fans, media, students, parents, businesses, and community members to vote for their selection of outstanding athlete/scholars in a sport.

The Mr. Football contests in 2012 reached over 2 million viewers and generated more than 500,000 online votes. Sports awards contests are capped with an award presentation on TV (The High School Sports Show!) with the sponsoring company’s representatives and State Champs! representatives presenting the award to the selected student athlete.

Here’s a link to the TV segment for the Warrior Sports 2013 High School Hockey Player of the Year Award presentation:

State Champs! can work with you to develop a custom promotion or Sports/achievement contest that will bring YOUR company outstanding multi-media exposure with sports fans across the state. To learn more, please contact us at:

Custom Media Productions and Live Events

State Champs! has full media production and HD capabilities for developing and producing Feature shows and Documentaries for sports organizations, businesses, colleges/schools, and institutions, including live event coverage and full video/media streaming.

Our GameTime Live productions, as well as our development of feature shows, provide sponsors and companies with an opportunity to expose their brand and pitch to millions of viewers highly interested in College and High School sports, athletic and scholastic acheivement, and recruiting and scouting of athletes. We can also develop custom feature shows/productions in consultation with sponsors to help draw in the audience and exposure they are looking to capture. 
Our Services include:

  • Custom Media Productions
  • Live Sports Event Coverage & Streaming (to your site and ours)
  • Sponsored Programming

For more information on State Champs! advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at:

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